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Hello! Our names are Micah and Justin and we are the business owners of Divine Solutions Estates LLC. We started this business because we wanted a change in our lives. Over a few years of contemplating many business ideas, we finally decided that real estate wholesaling was a perfect fit to start our journey that can allow us to grow for our future business endeavors while helping others in the process. With family members recently experiencing foreclosure and facing difficult financial scenarios, we felt like this was an opportunity to step up and be the help they didn’t have. Through prayer and depending on God, we felt led to put our experience to use and help others grow and achieve their full potential. We have seen our family through the toughest of times of their lives, and we felt led to put our experience to use and help others going through similar situations.We see wholesaling as a thriving business opportunity, but more importantly, we see it as an avenue for assisting those who may be going through financial or housing turmoil. We were intrigued to Start a business that builds up communities through real estate opportunities in the areas that have been forgotten, abandoned, going through foreclosures, or unusable. We realized the influence real estate opportunities have on positively impacting individuals, neighborhoods or a community as a whole. Creating Divine Solutions Estates LLC has been a dream for us and we give God all the glory for this opportunity.

Meet the Harris’s

Micah and Kasi are a God-loving couple who is ready to put their faith and time into a family-owned, driven business. They have been married since October 12, 2019, and currently reside in the beautiful town of Wilmington, NC. Micah is a jack of all trades. He currently works as a service tech for GPM and is a co-owner of Coastal Carolina Event Rentals. Kasi started her career as a registered nurse in Med-surg Oncology and is now working in neuro-developmental pediatrics. Their hearts are driven with the passion to help serve others in times of need. They attend Apostolic Tabernacle where they continue to serve and devote their lives to live for the Lord.

Meet the Poindexter’s

Justin and Sara’s hearts have a desire and a calling to help others. They have dedicated their lives to serving the community of the stunning city of Greenville County, SC. They met at the University of Northern Iowa in the fall of 2013. Justin started his career in law enforcement in March 2015 and is currently still serving. Sara started her career as a teacher in Iowa in 2015 and is currently still serving. They have been married since July 11th, 2020, and are a God-loving couple who puts their faith and time into everything they do. They attend True Life Apostolic Church where they continue to serve and devote their lives to live for the Lord.

Shawnna Poindexter

Shawnna Poindexter is the Director of Operations for Divine Solutions Estates. She may not have a college degree, but she is full of experience. Just out of high school, she and her parents went into the bridal business for 8 years in Colorado. In 1990, she married her husband Charlie. In 1992, they were blessed with their first child Justin, and in 1996, they were once again blessed with their daughter Kasi. In 1998, they moved to Iowa where they raised their kids. She received Real Estate training and was selling houses. In 2003, her husband and brother started a very successful Handicap Construction. It also included landscaping and eventually snow removal for those lovely Iowa winter months. The business began to flourish, and she decided to temporarily leave Real Estate and become the office manager and bookkeeper. The business really took off for the next 13 years until her husband’s health issues made him unable to do the physical work it required. They closed the business and moved to Louisiana to be close to family. In 2019, they gained a son when Micah married Kasi. In 2020, they gained a daughter when Justin married Sara. They don’t consider them in-laws because they love them like their own. For 3 years she was a full-time bookkeeper for a local business. Now she is a fiscal coordinator at the Shreveport Regional Airport. She is dedicated to serving God and attends the Oil City Pentecostal Church. She is excited to have this opportunity to work as a family to help others.

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